animal mummy project
The X-Rays we have taken so far have revealed some very interesting things:
sacred egyptian crocodile egg sacred baby crocodile
This crocodile egg has a small crocodile inside
egyptian votive cat mummy Bastet
X-ray egyptian votive cat mummy
This wooden cat coffer (#29776) contains a wrapped mummy bundle, highlighted in the picture above in darker blue
A similar cat mummy (#29645) contained the clearly defined skeleton of a cat with its hind legs tucked up.

1. Head
2. Ribcage
3. Foreleg
4. Hind limbs tucked up
5. Uncertain
egyptian cat mummy
x-ray cat mummy

The dog mummy (# X116 KV70) below contains a well-articulated skeleton.
(The colors of the X-Ray have been digitally inverted to make the details clearer.)
anubis egyptian dog mummy
x-ray anubis votive dog mummy

Once the mummies have been examined it is time to preserve them for the future


sacred egyptian crocodile mummy

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